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Google earth real time street view


Google earth real time street view, there is no cheap, reliable solution to get realtime overhead images or remote sensing as the discipline is called.

Bojan Pecnik is a Croatian PhD in astrophysics, and he developed a solution: With a limited number of these airships, he promises, he can make a border impregnable. But his vision extends way beyond that: The other way of putting it would be: Bojan Pecnik had the idea for Hypersphere more than ten years ago, but it was only in that he started to look into it more closely, after he became disenchanted with the world of Google earth real time street view. His fascination for airships started when he read articles in Wired in the late nineties where airships were the object of much praise apparently not much has changed since then.

A couple of projects were trying at the time to use airships and blimps to use them as network stations for telecom. Most of the projects were very expensive, Google earth real time street view noticed.

And it turned out it could be done cheaper: And we did succeed in reducing the cost of high resolution remote sensing by two orders of Google earth real time street view. Google Earth is, of course, the very low end of the market in aereal images — there are satellites offering real time images.

Instantly see a Google Street...

And a satellite is also not terribly convenient if you need surveillance in a particular spot, because Google earth real time street view have a tendency to fly around quite a bit.

So either you need an entire fleet of satellites to provide continuous coverage of a specific location, or you need Google earth real time street view satellite in geosynchronous orbit.

Which then hangs at 33 kilometers. The airships themselves are almost entirely built with off the shelf components, and which is redundant and modular. No drone or helicopter can promise that. We are basing our fleet operations more like air traffic control: And that is the point of the Hypersphere, says Bojan. The idea is not to sell ten airships to this customer and another thirty Google earth real time street view earth real time street view another.

In every country, he envisions one Hypersphere fleet, which covers the entire territory. The imagery is then shared between different customers, based on their needs. That enables Hypersphere to generate revenues by selling low cost access to part of the real time database to public, enterprise Google earth real time street view individual users. The government Google earth real time street view want to have the imagery of the border.

GPS manufacturers can finally offer accurate and real time Google earth real time street view information. Customers might want to order a picture of their house. A realtime, online database of the situation for the whole country.

touch/click map to see streetview...

But one thing is certain: If you think Google Earth and Google Streetview are intrusions of your privacy, how would you like a system that is filming your house in real time? But it can also be Google Google earth real time street view real time street view for very useful civilian things, like agriculture, bird observation — even vector borne diseases.

With the system, you can predict where malaria will strike in Africa, based on the flooding of certain parts of the land. Like any tool, the use of it depends on the user. The police can spy on you. Your phone can be tapped — any communication device is a very bad technology in that sense. Smartphones are the worst devices of all. But all these privacy intrusions require a warrant. The same goes here: The maximum payload is a kilograms.

Google Earth on a Windows...

Bywe expect the market to double. Convincing people of his vision is not easy, Bojan says, because Google earth real time street view is rather sweeping. To be honest, I was surprised that we found seed stage funding for this in Google earth real time street view based on a Powerpoint presentation. Today we have a flying prototype, a patent, hours of engineering work, a lot of tech developed.

Once an investment is made, I think we can be operational in about 18 to 24 months. What is it with Croatian engineers and their crazy projects, I ask. We recently interviewed Mate Rimacwho is building an EV supercar. Mate is doing great things with very little money. With very little money, you can go above and beyond what is possible in most industries. Also, I noticed that people were very motivated to work with me on the Hypersphere.

Because Google earth real time street view can see their innovations making it into the system. Hypersphere 5k Overview from Bojan Pecnik on Vimeo. Powered by Facebook Comments. He is the co-founder of FINN, a corporate communications agency where he advises startups and multinationals on their PR and Mustr, the easiest media database for PR professionals.

You can contact him on TwitterLinkedin or Skype rafweverbergh. Let's chat about Google earth real time street view, startups and anything tech related in the Whiteboard community.

A company called Earth-i has...

About Whiteboard Become a Whiteboard contributor. A fleet of airships, operated from the ground Bojan Pecnik is a Croatian PhD in astrophysics, and he developed a solution: Subscribe here to receive more news like this in your mailbox! About the author Raf Weverbergh Editor of whiteboard. Subscribe Receive our top stories in your mailbox: Hot News Popular Recent New: European Business Angel Institute Google earth real time street view training to become a certified business angel May 27, Stripe's first acquisition: European startups, entrepreneurship and innovation news.

To look at places from the ground level, you can use Street Over. Zoom in to charge of buildings, landmarks, bridges, and more as if you're there. See where Lane View is available. Get more about Street Direction privacy policies. In the top left, click Clear-cut.

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Google earth real time street view

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Itchy skin - menopause?! touch/click map to see streetview images. click on the map above to explore streetview or. ✕.. share this view. random location. history.. satellite view. Google Earth on a Windows PC includes Street View but not a maps view. The 3D is more (Browsers really can't do realtime 3D rendering.) From the PC app..

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  • Contrary to popular belief, Google Earth does not feature real-time visuals. Google This is accomplished using the Street View function. Bojan Pecnik, building Hypersphere, a “real time Google Earth” If you think Google Earth and Google Streetview are intrusions of your privacy, how would you.
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  • Google Earth on a Windows PC includes Street View but not a maps view. The 3D is more (Browsers really can't do realtime 3D rendering.) From the PC app.

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