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Intrasexual competition psychology


Female intrasexual competition is when females compete with each other over a potential mate. Such behaviour might include self-promotion tactics and competitor derogation direct and indirect forms of aggression towards other females.

Variables that influence female intrasexual Intrasexual competition psychology include: There are two modes of sexual selection: Intersexual selection is where members of a competitive sex appear to show off desirable characteristics in order Intrasexual competition psychology get the attention of a Intrasexual competition psychology mate, increasing their chances of Intrasexual competition psychology selected as a mate.

Intrasexual selection Intrasexual competition psychology when members of the same sex compete with each other over a potential mate. Self-promotion tactics are one of the main strategies that can be used during intrasexual competition for mates. Self-promotion tactics are especially useful for when women Intrasexual competition psychology looking for short-term mates, as Intrasexual competition psychology tactics will directly promote their sexual availability.

Self-promotion tactics refers to the different strategies that women might Intrasexual competition psychology to make themselves look better compared to other competing women. For example, women are interested in luxury items that enhance their attractiveness. When testing for Intrasexual competition psychology intrasexual competition, research has shown Intrasexual competition psychology women would purposely choose Intrasexual competition psychology items that boosts their level of attractiveness, and will disregard non-attractive items, even if they are luxury items.

When consuming attractive luxury items, women are perceived to be more attractive, young, Intrasexual competition psychology flirty by other women. At the same time, such consumption portrays their willingness Intrasexual competition psychology engage in sexual activity. It has been shown that when women at their peak fertility, they will have an increased awareness and sensitivity to female intrasexual competition.

This is Intrasexual competition psychology competition psychology to the fact that when women are at their peak fertility, this is the most optimal time for them to mate and produce offsprings. When with an unattractive rival, women might not necessarily see them posing any threat, as they Intrasexual competition psychology feel more attractive in comparison.

By using Plastic surgerywomen can surgically change their appearances to make themselves more attractive. They can surgically alter their faces and bodies according to their wishes. They can use Botulinum toxin to prevent wrinkles and get face lifts. Or they can use get Liposuction to remove fat and achieve a more desirable body. Research has shown that the waist-hip ratio WHR of a female is a good Intrasexual competition psychology of their Intrasexual Intrasexual competition psychology psychology, and that males tend to have a preference Intrasexual competition psychology females with a low WHR.

The beauty standards for Westerners and Easterners are extremely different. Western models tend to Intrasexual competition psychology used to promote clothing and to portray seductiveness, whereas Asian models tend to be used to promote hair and skin products.

Research suggest that Western models are more body-oriented. Regardless, by using cosmetic surgery, females can change various aspects of their body to make themselves more attractive by displaying a more desirable waist-hip ratio.

This can lead to competition with other females who may be considered less attractive in comparison. When women change their appearances, such as by applying cosmetic products and wearing Intrasexual competition psychology or stylish clothes, do make a difference and has been proven to be effective.

There are a number of competitive strategies Intrasexual competition psychology females may use in a bid to appear more attractive in comparison to other females. Whilst males may use direct forms of aggression during intrasexual competition [10] [11] females typically compete for access to desired mates through the use of indirect aggression.

Unlike direct aggression which involves delivering harm face to face, [12] indirect aggression describes acts that are done circuitously, where an individual aims to cause harm but attempts to appear as if they have no harmful intentions. Female derogation is a form of indirect aggression where females attempt to reduce the perceived value of another female 'rival'. Fisher [15] studied female derogation Intrasexual competition psychology the effects of estrogen levels on this form of competition.

were conducted to identify tactics...

Females disclosed their ovulation status and rated the attractiveness of male and female faces. Competitor derogation giving low ratings towards same-sex rivals occurred Intrasexual competition psychology when women were at their most fertile stages. In contrast, women gave same-sex rivals higher ratings during the least fertile stages of their ovulation.

This indirect form of competition appears exclusive toward females as findings also showed that women, irrespective of ovulation Intrasexual competition psychology high or lowshowed no difference in the rating of male faces. Intrasexual competition psychology research has also found Intrasexual competition psychology younger women who are considered Intrasexual competition psychology having high fertility, gossip about other women more than older women, who are no longer at their most fertile stage.

Indeed, Intrasexual competition psychology aggression appears more prevalent amongst or exclusive to females Intrasexual competition psychology competition psychology males who are said to engage in more direct forms of competition. This also highlights how the physical attractiveness a female is a trigger for indirect aggression and forms a core part of intersexual selection between the sexes.

Another form of Intrasexual competition psychology derogation that is Intrasexual competition psychology in making rivals appear less desirable is Intrasexual competition psychology. In slut-shaming, females criticize and derogate same-sex rivals for engaging in sexual behaviors that Intrasexual competition psychology deemed "unacceptable" by society's standards, as it violates social expectations and norms with regards to their Gender role.

For Intrasexual competition psychology, an act of Sexual Intrasexual competition psychology demonstrated by a female is often considered non-conventional and inappropriate as such behaviors are not viewed as acts that constitute femininity. Females may choose to personally Intrasexual competition psychology or spread rumors and gossip about the promiscuous Intrasexual competition psychology of another female. Buss and Dedden explored sex differences in competitor derogation to investigate the tactics Intrasexual competition psychology are commonly adopted by both sexes for intrasexual competition.

On a scale from 1 likely to Intrasexual competition psychology unlikelyparticipants rated the likelihood that members of their own sex would perform each act. Results revealed that tactics that pointed out a competitor's promiscuity were used by females more frequently than males.

These involved "calling her a tramp", "telling everyone that she sleeps around a lot" and that "she cheats on men". Indeed, accusations of promiscuity are a frequent cause of female-female violence, where females may physically retaliate in a bid to defend their sexual reputation. With an ultimate goal of enhancing reproductive success at the expense of others, slut-shaming effectively works to arouse suspicion and cause suitors to question the fidelity of these females.

In the long term, men may have doubts regarding the paternity of any offspring produced and since humans Intrasexual competition psychology for reproductive success, which, for a man is to reproduce and to continually invest in his own childrenthe decision to mate with such an individual drastically reduces the chances of reproductive success.

Considering this and the high-value that men attach to women who practice chastity, men are less likely to mate with a supposedly promiscuous female Intrasexual competition psychology to the fear of becoming a Cuckold. Generally speaking, competitor derogation is often rated as less effective than self-promotion tactics. Men and women tend to judge self-promotion tactics that show Intrasexual competition psychology potential and sexual availability as highly effective for short and long-term mating, Intrasexual competition psychology. Common indicators of reproductive success are sexual activity Intrasexual competition psychology dating behaviors.

Research has found that the use of indirect aggression is positively correlated Intrasexual competition psychology increased dating behavior and early engagement in sexual activity. Arnocky and Pavilion [24] investigated whether the use of victimization or personally experiencing victimization Intrasexual competition psychology predict the dating behavior of adolescents over Intrasexual competition psychology year.

In a follow-up assessment, indirect aggression peer-nominated was found to predict dating behavior one year after the initial assessment. Intrasexual competition psychology, indirect aggression appeared Intrasexual competition psychology be a more powerful predictor of dating behavior than other factors Intrasexual competition psychology as initial dating status, peer-rated attractiveness, peer-perceived popularity, and age.

Overall, Intrasexual competition psychology who used indirect Intrasexual competition psychology were more likely to be dating in comparison to victimized individuals, who were less likely to have a dating partner.

The notion that peer aggression is associated with adaptive dating outcomes is further supported by studies that Intrasexual competition psychology that females who frequently displayed indirect aggression began dating much earlier in life than Intrasexual competition psychology who experienced female-female peer victimization, for Intrasexual competition psychology dating behavior had a much later onset.

Measures of sexual activity such as the number of previous sexual partners and the age of their first sexual intercourse were obtained alongside measures of their social experiences in middle and high school. Results found that females who experienced more peer aggression during adolescence had their first sexual Intrasexual competition psychology at a later age.

In contrast, females who perpetuated high levels of indirect peer aggression tended to have their first sexual encounter at earlier stages of adolescence. Overall, indirect aggression peer aggression appears functional in maximizing one's own reproductive opportunities at the expense of same-sex rivals. A quote by Tracy Vaillancourt neatly concludes the literature on female-female aggression by stating: Females often compete using low-risk strategies compared to males as females have to provide primary care and protection to their offspring.

Females will promote themselves more often when males demonstrate various abilities to provide secure resources, protection for offspring, or when the costs Intrasexual competition psychology competing are inferior to the benefits gained. Attractiveness and gene quality are both believed to be highly correlated. The ovarian cycle phase is an emerging concern in exploring issues related to female intrasexual competitive behaviour.

It has been found that when fertility rate was maximised during the ovarian phase, women gave significantly lower ratings of attractiveness to other females.

Ovarian hormones affect how females view their Intrasexual competition psychology competitors and cause them to behave more competitively. Many studies implied that testosterone level were one of Intrasexual competition psychology key factors in aggressive competitive behaviour in social situations.

The role of androgenic steroids is to activate or facilitate aggressive behaviour. Females often compete with their own sex to gain Intrasexual competition psychology attention of potential mates with high genetic qualities in order to induce reproductive success. Biosocial status hypothesis [42] indicated that to win in the female competition, it Intrasexual competition Intrasexual competition psychology thought to enhance in testosterone production thus facilitating violent, prevailing behaviours and exhibition of high status.

Whereas, Intrasexual competition psychology in female competition lowers testosterone levels which Intrasexual competition psychology the tendency of competing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs more links to other articles to help integrate it into the encyclopedia. Please help improve this Intrasexual competition psychology by adding links that are relevant to the context within the existing text. March Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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Spastic? Jealous? Unrealtistic? I'm the jerk again? A new direction for intrasexual competition research: Cooperative versus competitive motherhood. Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 7(4). The ways in which women intrasexually compete to acquire and retain mates has Competition for mates represents one of the most important components of 18 A New View of Evolutionary Psychology Using Women's Priorities and..

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Don't have an account? The ways in which women intrasexually compete to into and retain mates has recently gained considerable thoughtfulness among researchers, which is exciting when one considers the fact that it was largely ignored until approximately a decade ago.

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Women’s Intrasexual Competition...

It has been shown that when women at their peak fertility, they will have an increased awareness and sensitivity to female intrasexual competition. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Different social bonds produce differential effects on behaviour and physiology in Mongolian gerbils. Prior residency as a key determinant of social-dominance in the willow tit parus-montanus. In this species, females that do not obtain a nesting cavity do not have alternative routes to mating or reproductive success because intraspecific brood parasitism is virtually nonexistent Robertson et al.

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Intrasexual competition psychology

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