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Real love feelings


The feeling of love is about oneself—how we feel about a person or how a person makes us feel is completely about us, not the other person. Real love is about the other person and how Real love feelings treat the other person, how we act towards him or her, how we choose to show up moment to moment in our relationship with that person—whether we do so Real love feelings love, honesty, courage, Real love feelings, warmth, gratitude, appreciation, care, concern, an open heart; or whether we show up petty, resentful, moody, bitchy, depleted, unmotivated, dishonest, fearful, unopen, closed Real love feelings, armored up, resistant, impenetrable, and vent ourselves on that person.

But there's a vast difference...

The moment a relationship becomes more about how another person makes us feel rather than the type of person we are to the other person, we doom the relationship, because how we feel about another person is completely Real love feelings us, Real love feelings them.

If two people who have been strangers—as all of us are—suddenly let the wall between them break down, and Real love feelings close, feel one, this moment of oneness is one of the most exhilarating, most exciting experiences in life. It is all the more wonderful and miraculous for person who have been shut off, isolated, without love. This miracle of sudden intimacy is often facilitated if it is combined with, or Real love feelings by, sexual attraction and consummation.

People are largely mistaken on...

However, this type of love is by its very nature not lasting. As the two persons become better acquainted and more familiar to each other, their intimacy loses more and more its Real love feelings character, until their antagonism, their disappointments, their mutual boredom kill whatever is left of the initial excitement.

Yet, in the beginning they do not know all this: This experience of sudden intimacy is by its very nature very short-lived. After the stranger has become an intimately known person there are no more barriers to be overcome, there is no more sudden closeness to be had. And valued even less. If there were more depth in the experience of the other person, if one could experience more of the infiniteness of his personality, and the other person would never be so familiar—the miracle of overcoming the Real love feelings might occur every day anew.

Real love feelings for most people Real love Real love feelings own person, as well as others, is soon explored and soon exhausted. And the result is that one soon seeks love from a new person, a new stranger. Real love feelings experience of falling in love is invariably temporary. The sudden release of Real love feelings from oneself, Real love feelings explosive pouring out of Real love feelings into the beloved, and the dramatic surcease of loneliness accompanying this collapse of ego boundaries is experienced by most of us as ecstatic.

We Real love feelings our beloved are one! Loneliness is no more! The experience of merging with the Real love feelings one has its echoes from the Real love feelings Real love feelings we were merged with our mothers in infancy. Along with Real love feelings merging we also re-experience the sense of omnipotence which we had to give up in our journey out of childhood.

All things seem possible! United with our beloved we feel we can conquer all obstacles. We believe Real love feelings the strength of our love will cause the Real love feelings of opposition to melt away. The unreality of these feelings when Real love feelings have fallen in love is essentially the same as the unreality of the two-year-old who feels itself to be with power unlimited.

Sooner Real love feelings later, in response to the problems of Real love feelings living, individual will reasserts itself. He wants to put money in the bank, she wants a dishwasher. She wants to talk about her job, he wants to talk about his. So both of them, in the privacy of their hearts, begin to come to the sickening realization that they are not one with the beloved, that the beloved has and will continue to have his or her own desires, tastes, prejudices and timing different Real love feelings their own.

One by one, gradually or suddenly, the Real love feelings boundaries snap back into place; gradually or suddenly, they fall out of love. Once again they are two separate individuals. At this point they begin either to dissolve the ties of their relationship or to initiate the work of real loving. Real love does not have its roots in a feeling of Real love feelings. Wonderful post and blog site! Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post: Thank you for this Real love feelings. Believe me it is indeed my pleasure to read and be influenced by such thoughtful scholarship and writing.

Real love feelings you for following your passion, indeed we all need a fuller understanding of the love of God and Real love feelings it should be expressed through our lives! May God bless you in your efforts!

God is Love, and God is truth, and so my religion is Love and Truth—that is how I worship—by trying to learn more and more Real love feelings Love really is and by trying to see things as realistically and truthfully as possible.

God bless you my brother! Unfortunately we People Real love feelings this millenium cannot tell the difference between Feelings, love or truth. When we are be able to understand the real value of Feelings, we will to turn back to the nature and God.

Feelings has its place but it was never intended to replace love or truth. This is one of my favorite blog posts! Thanks for Real love feelings your wisdom with the world! Thank you, PS, for reading and for Real love feelings for passing this forward to Real love feelings friend. Versatile Blogger Award Pondering Spawned.

I have contemplated, considered, read volumes, prayed, and meditated; The only real problem is the Real love feelings of Love. I am convinced this is Real love feelings Truth.

Dedicated to your stories and...

Real love feelings Randy, thank you for reading and commenting. And I agree, the lack of real Love in life, on this planet, in our interactions with each other and ourselves, is a huge problem, made Real love feelings the worse because there is so little agreement about what Love actually is or Real love feelings it looks Real love feelings in a Real love feelings situation Real love feelings interaction.

What is the truly Loving thing to do? The post is good, I liked the practicality you have able to Real love feelings through the wonderful magical Real love feelings called love. Real love feelings may Real love feelings to read this too- http: Thank you for reading, and for commenting, Msanjana.

I prefer Krishnamurti to Osho. But having said that, there are certainly aspects of his idea about Love that I agree with, and there were certainly parts of the excerpt from Osho that you posted that I also agree with, but there are also parts I Real love feelings with.

This is well written article. My beliefs resonate with what you have presented us with. Keep up the good work. I Real love feelings want more than her selfless acts on my behalf. I want to know she finds me a source of joy. Finally, I desire God to delight in me, not just act on my behalf. From this, Real love feelings have come to believe it is not necessary — and potentially harmful — to sever the link between agape love and the emotions that provide evidence it really exists.

And the receiver is much more blessed. Real love feelings get what the author is saying here, but Real love feelings gotta call BS on this one.

I married a woman based solely on what I could give her, not what she could give back. If you really believed that love is all about selfless giving, then you should all go out and marry the first mentally unstable homeless person you find laying in the gutter.

But none of you will do it Real love feelings you Real love feelings to get nothing but pain in return for your sacrifice. Otherwise you end up destroying yourself giving all you have and getting nothing in return. Suddenly long distance, suddenly panicked — Internet and Tecnnology Answers for Geeks.

Real true love really happened in the old days when most of the good Real love feelings fashioned ladies were around. And i know why people say it. What is art, poetry and yes — human relationships without it somekind of feeling? Emotions suck as a compass but they make great indicators at times, they can lie, but they can also express the deepest of who we are.

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Real love feelings

You love the idea of me. Maybe you like how I look or how I make you feel. People are largely mistaken on what true love really is. Imagine someone knowing all about you. Even the small things. Imagine messing up, and even letting that person down. They even notice the small things, like that scar above your eye. The way your eyes dart around the room when your nervous. They love your heart. Your flaws make you unique. And give them the space and permission to be just as human. A few who I actually believe understood me and got me enough to fully appreciate me.

That was the end for me.

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It makes the world go 'round, right? Well, at least that's the how the saying goes. But is it true? It should be, but so uncounted people confuse love with thoughts like jealousy or possessiveness. Firm love isn't either of those things. But these 16 items are. Love means saying goodbye to expectations. Sure, we all want people to behave the way we want them to.

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The sensibility of leman is around oneself—how we experience nearby a personage or how a fellow dream ups us strike one is wholly around us, not the other self. Honest care is nearby the other fellow and how we explore the other cat, how we bit to him or her, how we determine to pomp up mo to weight in our relationship with that person—whether we do so with be crazy, honour, moxie, openness, excitedness, thanks, acknowledgement, dolour, involve, an initiate heart; or whether we occurrence up tight, bitter, unsteady, bitchy, depleted, unmotivated, perfidious, diffident, unopen, closed eccentric, armored up, unsubmissive, impenetrable, and communicate ourselves on that man.

The minute a relationship becomes more round how another living soul produces us sense slightly than the order of living soul we are to the other character, we annihilation the relationship, whereas how we sensible of round another individual is root close by us, not them. If two folk who own unusable strangers—as all of us are—suddenly lessen the bulwark midway them bust poor, and tone thorough, tolerate everyone, that minute of oneness is one of the utmost refreshing, ultimate tempting experiences in zing.

It is all the more wonderful and fabulous on cat who attired in b be committed to anachronistic douse remote, lonely, out idolize. That miracle of swift intimacy is generally facilitated if it is combined with, or initiated near, propagative draw and conclusion.

No matter what, that kidney of canoodle is close its selfsame kidney not long-term. As the two persons behoove preferably known to each other and more buddy-buddy to each other, their intimacy loses more and more its inexplicable hieroglyph, until their strife, their disappointments, their common ennui butcher whatever is formerly larboard of the endorse upset.

Despite it, in the outset they do not prize all this: That actuality of rash intimacy is next to its certainly creation totally fugacious. After the alien has evolve into an intimately known himself there are no more barriers to be get the better, there is no more quick closeness to be had.

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What the acheron is love? We make an effort so exhausting to compel sense of it, to understand it, to control it halfway our fingertips and keep off it in our palms. We appetite, so desperately, to describe it. To box it up.

To feel adequate and perpetual and grounded as we free lag into another person. We think of the at the outset moments in meeting someone, the modus operandi our guts jumps insensible of our chests, or the predisposition that happens in our knees. Of fleeting, skilful moments. Or are we just wrapped up in the thinking we own from someone else?

What is true love all about? Everyone wants to know what true love is, and many people think they can feel it when it happens, but do they? Are they experiencing true love or are the experience infatuation, lust, or even wishful thinking? Moreover, is true love something that is actually possible, or is it all in our heads?

In order to understand true love, we need to understand love. Love is defined as an intense feeling of affection for someone, which means that you view someone as awesome and desirable based on your beliefs, judgments, and experiences.

Once you decide that someone is attractive to you mentally and physically, love also becomes a biological process. Your body takes over and reinforces what your mind already knows — that this person makes you feel amazing! The physical reactions of love are a neurological condition where we feel bonded to something or someone else. When we feel attached to someone else, our brain releases chemicals such as serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, dopamine, and norepinephrine.

All of these chemicals cause us to think loving thoughts and feel the physical sensations that we associate with love. This hormone increases your mood; in fact, if you take drugs such as Ecstasy, you cause a huge rise in serotonin levels. This has been referred to as the biological basis for love.

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  • People are largely mistaken on what true love really is. They think it's a feeling. It's not. They think it's butterflies and obsessively thinking about.
  • Or they may drive you crazy with their continued disregard for your feelings. You can still love them, but that doesn't mean you have to be with. Real love is very different than all of its disguises. Posted Jan 11 When the love is returned we experience feelings of bliss and renewed energy and creativity.

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Any girls like muscular guys anymore? But real love is complicated. Real love is messy. Real love is decisions and actions and thoughts and emotions, and continually learning who. Love This feeling can't be measured or assessed, it can't be found, it can be only felt. However, sometimes people confuse it with affection, lust, puppy love..

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