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Backdating blog posts seorj


But what about the appearance of freshness?

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What happens when a website Backdating blog posts seorj old content or changes the date on an Backdating blog posts seorj from to today? What are the SEO benefits — and the consequences? Upon further examination, it appears that various Airbnb pages auto-generate fake dates that roughly correspond to the last time Google crawled them.

Instead, what date manipulation does is appeal to user bias. While changing dates in article snippets seemed like a shortcut to higher CTR, it leaves one wondering about the potential future ramifications.

Typically when you search something, especially if it is newsy content, Backdating blog posts seorj your query is newsy, then I found that those date bylines in the search results Backdating blog posts seorj be very helpful in determining if it is relevant to your query — the result — or Backdating blog posts seorj. So I would advise against that. The answer seems to be that while you might get away with changing a date a few times, there could certainly be consequences down the road.

Consequences Backdating blog posts seorj even include the complete removal of dates for your site, which would be a huge Backdating blog posts seorj to news sites.

Upon the reintroduction of snippet dates, his blog traffic dropped by almost 40 percent. There are many factors that affect freshnessincluding the:.

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There are three main strategies for breathing fresh life into your old content, and all of them hinge on one simple principle: In an industry that moves as quickly as SEO and digital marketing, information can quickly become outdated — Backdating blog posts seorj in as little as a year or sometimes even a few months.

If you have a post ranking 1 that was written init Backdating blog posts seorj perfect sense to update it. Like cars, content typically loses value as time goes by. I believe it was originally written in if not earlierranked number one at the time, and typically drove more than 1, pageviews to the site every day.

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But byit needed a refresh. SEO had changed quite a bit in those many years. We kept the title, URL, and Backdating blog posts seorj everything Backdating blog posts seorj. After republishing maintaining the same URLit maintained its top spot and in fact surged for a while.

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None of them were driving much traffic, and all of them had been published at least five years ago. While all these posts existed before, we updated them. That included the publication date. I would never recommend just changing dates for the heck of it — you need to make some significant changes. Also, with Backdating blog posts seorj showing dates posts were published in Backdating blog posts seorj SERPs, I can pretty much guarantee you that will impact which post searchers will click on.

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If I have the choice of reading content published in that ranks 3 or something published in that ranks 1, I often find myself clicking on the newer result. Live updating a single page and time stamping each new addition to the page is also one of the methods Illyes recommended to Slegg — in addition to adding an updated date to old articles:.

That means creating a new URL that shares Backdating blog posts seorj of the same content, with extra added value Backdating blog posts seorj our users. Backdating blog posts seorj crucial final step is to support the new page in social media. My own preference is not to change article dates. But naturally the path you choose is up to you.

We switched all our blog...

No matter which strategy you choose, you need to remember that not Backdating blog Backdating blog posts seorj seorj article is worth updating.

The best types of content to breathe more life into are those that are evergreen — content that is just as relevant now Backdating blog posts seorj it was when Backdating blog posts seorj first published it.

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