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23andme ceo anne wojcicki


Anne Wojcicki is the cofounder and CEO of 23andMewhich provides direct-to-consumer genetic testing. Sam Altman is the 23andme ceo anne wojcicki of YC 23andme ceo anne wojcicki. Alright, here we go.

I went to a job fair right out of college, my parents made me go, and I got this job offer to go on Wall Street. I very randomly got this job on Wall Street, I had no idea what it was, but I kind of figured, I 23andme ceo anne wojcicki only took the interview cause they gave me free frequent flyer miles. I won the flight, I won the frequent flyer miles. I was on Wall Street for 10 years and I 23andme ceo anne wojcicki it.

I got 23andme ceo anne wojcicki know small cap bio-techs and pharma companies and hospital systems and insurance companies. I got to have a really 23andme ceo anne wojcicki landscape of health care.

And at the end of the day, health care is an amazing business that really effectively monetizes illness. After 10 years of investing. How do you 23andme ceo anne wojcicki about how you design a system or a company that is incented to keep people healthy? For me what was transformative, what we did to change the incentives, is to put you in the power seat.

For us, what we decided to do that was frankly seen as disruptive is we are direct to consumer. You need 23andme ceo anne wojcicki medical professional to do this. The pregnancy test when it came out was seen as radical. I always put 23andme ceo anne wojcicki in context, it helps people understand. That was thought of what was actually in your best interest. What we do is as we empower consumers, we are showing that 23andme ceo anne wojcicki actually can be, people want to be in charge of their health, they want the information, and they actually want to be in control.

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Single-coverage, like the reality is, who cares about keeping you healthy today? People have to be willing to spend money and they have to step up.

How did you decide this was, this was not an obvious choice at the time. One, I always loved genetics. It was my first investment in In some ways it was my first and it was my last.

The genetic revolution was happening. Right when I started investing there was 23andme ceo anne wojcicki race of getting the cost of the genome down. That was the first nugget of, okay wow, you can actually start to get huge amounts of genetic information. And second was seeing this world of social networking. It gave me this idea that wow, if I just empowered everyone with their genetic information and I crowdsourced all this information.

Instead of relying on Stanford or Harvard or Pfizer to go and solve a disease or how to be healthy, we the people, we can do it. In some ways, having grown up in this Google environment and knowing the social networking world that was coming up, it was 23andme ceo anne wojcicki those things together that was like combine 23andme ceo anne wojcicki technology and science with the platform that is really emerging.

This is clearly one of those. What was it like inside the building? In some ways, we attract people who have 23andme ceo anne wojcicki experienced the health care system in their own way and realize it has its limitations.

We had like videos. We were super excited to launch and we 23andme ceo anne wojcicki there was going to be this big coming, like everyone and we had tons. We had spit parties. We were on the cover of—.

We had the 23andme ceo anne wojcicki of the style section. We had 23andme ceo anne wojcicki spit party in the building. But I have to say, we sold a lot the first day. And then it 23andme ceo anne wojcicki slow. Which is not 23andme ceo anne wojcicki lot.

One, how did you eventually fix that? And how do you as a leader keep momentum in the building when you have this great launch, the first day is always awesome, and then 23andme ceo anne wojcicki have a week called the trough of sorrow and people get 23andme ceo anne wojcicki demotivated.

That actually happens, not just in launches but every time you come up with a product. I feel like 23andme ceo anne wojcicki us, and that trough of sorrow, we recognized more, we focused on the long term. What do we need to do to get to this point. People love a vision and people love a plan. Now we actually need to educate the population about why you would want your genetic information. I would speak a ton.

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In the early days, you gave me a conference invite, and I took it. I remember that for myself too.

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Any talk, part of it is constant feedback. I would change my talks. I never gave the same talk twice. I remember, specifically, getting the feedback. And then I started shifting the conversion. Part of it was getting real time feedback and part of it was 23andme ceo anne wojcicki us define what is it that we have to do 23andme ceo anne wojcicki show the value. It was clear people need to understand genetics.

They need to know what is the medical utility of this. What you need to do is you need to publish. 23andme ceo anne wojcicki 23andme ceo anne wojcicki even argue with scientists, I just hand over my publications.

Like, here you go. People always ask about the worst, which we can talk about if you want. In some ways, hiring the right, for me it was such a critical 23andme ceo anne wojcicki of the company was the scientific integrity of what we were going to do and it set a bar of the talent that we were going to hire going forward.

In some ways, having the right people. They had a similar idea so it was a good, it worked as a partnership. And we have opted for the humility. And I think especially in leadership roles, if you have the wrong person, I 23andme ceo anne wojcicki recently watched one of the old documentaries about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

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I kind 23andme ceo anne wojcicki forgotten about some of these stories and I realized, I was like yeah, if you hire the wrong senior leadership—.

What do smart people like to do? They like to question and they like to argue! Or why do you need this study? Why did you need that number of samples? That said, it requires a lot of communication. There is 23andme ceo anne wojcicki opinions mismatch 23andme ceo anne wojcicki. The regulatory world can do a better job of helping outline. One thing I do appreciate from, now having been regulated for a number of years, is that 23andme ceo anne wojcicki is a bigger picture that they see.

They care, they care about public safety.


At the 23andme ceo anne wojcicki, they care about public safety. There are so many companies trying to 23andme ceo anne wojcicki the consumer and their job, they are there to keep us safe. I have a lot of respect for what they do. The onus is on us as the startup and the new company. Some of the people we worked with there have been there for 20 years and were amazing. But two, our series A documents… and our OKRs from are remarkably similar to what they 23andme ceo anne wojcicki 23andme ceo anne wojcicki. We have a 23andme ceo anne wojcicki. We have a drive.

You have to stick with it. And when you stick with it, you really see a benefit. 23andme ceo anne wojcicki of our missions is to tell people anyone can be a scientist. I 23andme ceo anne wojcicki anyone, you can be eighth grade level, and you have the ability.

It always takes longer and then the magnitude and the out years is always bigger than you think. Success for me is I would like to be healthy at I now know, I have my genetic information. I can learn about things.

I have set up this research machine where I can collect data from all my customers. We can make discoveries.

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Wojcicki, the youngest of three daughters, was born in San Mateo County, California. Her mother is Jewish American, and her father is Polish. Wojcicki grew up on the Stanford campus. When she was two, she learned how to figure skate , but later quit and started playing ice hockey.

Disillusioned by the culture of Wall Street and its attitude towards health care, [9] she quit in , intending to take the MCAT and enroll in medical school. Instead, she decided to focus on research. In , she co-founded 23andMe with Linda Avey.

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Susan and Anne Wojcicki are sisters with superstar tech resumes. Anne, 45, cofounded and serves as CEO of the genetic inspecting website 23andMe.

Oh, and their other sister is no slacker: Janet is an anthropologist and an epidemiologist who works at University of California, San Francisco. Appropriately enough liable their Silicon Valley bona fides, the Wojcicki sisters grew up in the valley. They were raised in Palo Alto, internal to Stanford.

CEO and Co-Founder Anne Wojcicki of genetic testing company 23andMe on how she grew a beloved for science despite not being the best at it and how she believes everybody can understand science and contribute to changing the face of into. Leaving Wall Street Wojcicki explains what compelled her to remain Wall Street and do something that could empower the personal and ultimately change something as big as health care. Assignation Sergey Wojcicki shares how she met her now husband, and Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, and how it all playfully started with a whiteboard in her sister's garage.

You Don't Clothed to Be the Best At Science Wojcicki is a marked believer that you can advance to science and tech in a powerful way without being the best--or even close to the best--at it.

Unusual Start Up Wojcicki talks about how 23andMe aspires to be resilient with employees as they equal work and family, and how you won't see typical hours at her start up. Changing Health Care Wojcicki on her goal to change health mind a look after with her consumer-generated research design and how any big nickels is eventually met with charitable resistance.

Explaining Science Wojcicki talks about how growing up with a particle physicist father who experienced the results of wiped out communication motivates her now to communicate science to laypeople.

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Thoughts on Eric's Advice on Sex? Anne Wojcicki isn't a typical CEO. The year-old mother of two who runs the consumer genetics and research company 23andMe, reportedly. Anne E. Wojcicki is an American entrepreneur and the co-founder and chief executive officer of Her two sisters are Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube and a former executive at 23andMe is a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company, based in Mountain View, California, that provides genetic testing..


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23andme ceo anne wojcicki


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