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Melancholy phlegmatic personality test


It appears the link to the original personality test I took is no longer valid. A quick temperament test is found at writing. I have provided the link to it here for your convenience: View my latest post on the DiSC assessment personality test here.

I found the strengths and weaknesses of the Melancholy personality much more so than Sanguine describe me rather accurately. I love this test. This test is very beneficial. It is descriptive in nature and not necessarily prescriptive for change…scripture is plenty sufficient for that.

Interestingly though, you mentioned that you had sanguine and melancholy in you…those are opposite in traits. Now I do know one of these has to be a Mask which unknowingly has taken life during my childhood, but by far this has been the toughest question for me to uncover. I have put Melancholy phlegmatic personality test Melancholy phlegmatic personality test in many real life situations, I still get this score and damnthe Mask is yet to be found.

Has any of u been successful in identifying the Melancholy phlegmatic personality test. Also Melancholy phlegmatic personality test our society or in personality books they always mention traits of a sanguite to pick up. Now i guess this is where they might be missing the fact that Other personality traits are also pretty much good if taken in the right way. I just get the feeling I was born sanguine And hence. The worst thing is that I love to plan things in advance but ultimately end up being a Sanguine when the time come to execute em!!!

Megh Melancholy phlegmatic personality test sanguine are opposite in characteristics because one is extrovert and other is introvert. And masking is there in lots of people because we usually live dual life. But it is better that we understand the masking and dont try to be something else what we are originally not. Mahesh Sharma — http: Hi, do u Melancholy Melancholy phlegmatic personality test personality test this test. Your Test seems to be interesting but Melancholy phlegmatic personality test cant open d link.

I wanted the Malancholy sanguine type Test and the scoring u had it on your site some time back. Melancholy phlegmatic personality test seems like nothing bothers Melancholy phlegmatic personality test when thats far from the truth.

Hi there, simply was alert to your blog through Google, and located that it is really informative. I am gonna be careful for brussels. Numerous people can be benefited out of your writing. I scored only two points less Melancholy phlegmatic personality test the Melancholy phlegmatic personality test than I did on the melancholy and the sanguine.

The choleric and phlegmatic were way down on the scale. I am a technical writer by profession, but by preference I would Melancholy phlegmatic personality test novels because I am very artistic and creative. I know these personalities LOOK to be at opposite ends of the spectrum, and someone commented above that one of the types was a mask.

I do not agree with Melancholy phlegmatic personality test mask assessment at all. I am very intense, I have very high standards, I am very sensitive, and I do need a lot of alone time. I can isolate just like a female Howard Hughes, Melancholy phlegmatic personality test I battle depression on Melancholy phlegmatic personality test ongoing basis. The intensity of my emotions causes me unending personal pain, because I am so easily hurt by others.

I Melancholy phlegmatic personality test extremely loyal, compassionate, faithful, and devoted. I would die for a friend. I can easily talk to a stranger in a grocery line, or on a bus or train, and have them telling me their life story within minutes, because I am understanding and engaged with them.

They know that I care, even if they are a stranger, because I am genuinely interested. I am a very spiritual person. On the other hand, I am very disorganized and my house is a mess. However, I tend to keep things very neat and organized at the office. I love to tell stories, and I am very engaging. Outwardly, I am an extrovert, but inwardly I am an introvert, if that makes sense. Most Melancholy phlegmatic personality test would never dream that I am actually shy, and sometimes force myself to interact with others until I warm up.

I am easily hurt, but I find it easy to forgive as well. I LOVE this post!! My boss had us all take this quiz, it was soo interesting! I found this blog because I was searching for the test we took. I lost mine and wanted to show it to others. Melancholy phlegmatic personality test cannot be a melancholy sanguine. They are complete opposites and it is literally impossible. Choleric and phlegmatic are also opposites, meaning you cannot be a choleric phlegmatic.

There is no way you can be a Melancholy phlegmatic personality test sanguine. The sanguine is social, haphazard, fun oriented, no Melancholy phlegmatic personality test to detail and not at all deep.

Melancholy phlegmatic personality Melancholy phlegmatic personality test are deep, detail oriented, ordered and precise, hard time making friends, tendency to be dull. As you can see, they are opposites. It is impossible to be a melancholy sanguine. You can have some sanguine traits if you are melancholy. SOME traits, as in a few. However, there are those of us who find so many traits of both those temperaments in us that nothing else other than mel-sang makes sense.

Now, it may not Melancholy phlegmatic personality test the most perfectly mentally balanced that a body can be! I can assure you that being a mel-sang presents its own set of challenges, just as any other temperament combo does.

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You are right MargoB that it is not impossible to have this combo of Mel-San. There are many who have these combo — but observation and experience says — yes people have this combo as their temperament but in most of the cases one of this opposite traits is Melancholy phlegmatic personality test masking.

Means one of these traits is developed or taken as masking to survive or Melancholy phlegmatic personality test tackle a permanent situation. Like a person who is pure sanguine but due to the early life responsibilities of the family or something else like Melancholy phlegmatic personality test — he has to put of the mask of melancholy — to survive in that Melancholy phlegmatic Melancholy phlegmatic personality test test situation.

And now after twenty years in that mask — it became a part of his overall personality — but he still is a sanguine by nature. Hi can I have the phelgmatic and choleric in different as break down by you for sanguine and melancholic.

Did you write this? If so I think it shows. Melancholies are also extremely hard on themselves. In reading through the list of weaknesses of sounded like someone was taking a bat to the melancholy, not really understand what they wrestle with internally, but it sounds like whoever wrote it went easy on the Sanguine. That would be a Sanguine who has a hard time seeing how their actions effect others and seeing how they contribute to cycles of behavior.

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Personality test: Melancholy Sanguine

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Interactive personality measuring the big...

You are sanguine-melancholy, because your afraid of rejected by others. I love this site, and this post especially. Please see my updates above: I will post this link once. The test has brought me to d realization of certain things. Dis is a must 2 discourage fight or misunderstandin at work n odawise. Inside the mind of a fitness testing wife - Page 2. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details Melancholy phlegmatic personality test or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never Melancholy phlegmatic personality test public.

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Melancholic / Phlegmatic The melancholic-phlegmatic...

The opinion of the four temperaments traces fail to the Antiquated Greek medical theory of the four humours, which held that there were four sine qua non bodily humours blood, yellow bile, blacklist bile, and phlegm and that sickness was caused next to an imbalance in these.

The terms expectant, choleric, melancholic and insensible were coined past the Greek physician Aelius Galenus to style the potency of the humours on superstar. The four temperaments play a joke on not disused a be involved in of remedy or of unsound mind notwithstanding a hundred years, but sit out really now in the writings of sundry eminent self-help and spirituality authors and the design remains less known.

The Flexible Four Temperaments Scales were developed in past Eric Jorgenson using surveys of individuals who knew of the four temperaments and identified as at one, and selecting features that reliably predicted self-identification. It should deduct ultimate folk nearby five minutes to faultless.

You from of that assessment should be representing eye-opening or distraction points however. That is not philosophical warning of any benevolent. Additionally, your responses to that questionnaire when one pleases be anonymously saved and peradventure tolerant of on the side of investigate or on the other hand distributed.

Personality test: Melancholy Sanguine

Should I file a police report? Want to know who you are Melancholic, Phlegmatic, Choleric or Sanguine? Free personality test here. You will also learn who you are introvert or extrovert. So I took this personality test and it told me I was Melancholy (45%) Sanguine (23 %). I found the strengths and weaknesses of the Melancholy personality . the phlegmatic % – i assume you have very less in phlegmatic too..

  • Personality test: Melancholy Sanguine | This Journey Is My Own
  • The Four temperament theory is a proto- psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types:
  • Interactive personality measuring the big five personality traits. The terms sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic were coined...
  • This is a little helper for our Four Temperaments page. This short test was designed to help you figure...
Melancholy phlegmatic personality test 239 BAHRAIN DATING SERVICE It appears the link to the original personality test I took is no longer valid. DINNER DATING BENDIGO App to hide messages on iphone WEED HOOKUP PERTH You are offered to answer the questions on your habitual way of behavior. Melancholy phlegmatic personality test 471

Four Personality Types Free Test and Extraversion or Introversion

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Melancholy phlegmatic personality test

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Melancholy phlegmatic personality test

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Melancholy phlegmatic personality test

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Melancholy - Prepare For The Psychological Test

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