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Petra edmond ok jobs


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It was faced paced at times. Wasn't a bad job to have,management changed a few times while I was there,which shook things up a bit,but nothing good or bad to say,some days where long,some where short. Was this review helpful?

Fast paced, friendly work environment. Petra is a great place to work, friendly colleagues, team environment. Casual office dress 5 days a week. The work is fast paced and never dull. Best job I've Petra edmond ok jobs. There is zero loyalty from the Petra edmond ok jobs towards the distribution of the facility. The only thing that is constant, is change of management there, nothing there is stainable at that facility except for the executives.

I would Petra edmond ok jobs recommend this employer to anyone.

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A typical day was extremely stressful. Management seems disorganized and rarely has the accurate information necessary to finish projects.

Benefits are extremely expensive. My position was very easy.

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My Petra edmond ok jobs was very easy and relaxing, I worked very little and was sent home or asked not to attend my shift because of the lack of work Petra edmond ok Petra edmond ok jobs for me. The Ceo of this company and management are some of the best around. They truly do strive and stick to there company mission statement. They strive for consistency in everything that they do and overall customer satisfaction as well as taking care of the employee s.

Good going through Temporary agency. Depending on how much work was in each department determined how many hours you got for the day. Management was only concerned about themselves not employees. Packaging and shipping amazon products. The hardest part of Petra edmond ok jobs job was not knowing what time you get off work.

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I enjoyed competing against my co workers on getting the job done in a timely fashion. Productive and fun place to work. I started off volunteering at Petra to get some experience to add to my resume. Weeks later, manager of Petra offered to hire me and added me to payroll. First couple of Petra edmond ok jobs, it was hard because I didn't know what I was doing, but Petra edmond ok jobs I got the hang of it and I enjoyed my Petra edmond ok jobs there.

I would say this job is not that bad. The management could Petra edmond ok jobs better, but that comes with every job. My new company pays me as a supervisor as much as Petra pays their ops managers in training. Low pay, bad managers, hostile environment, favoritism, Petra edmond ok jobs pay, constant last minute shift changes.

I might of got like 30 minutes of training all together and then I was thrown out there to manage on my own. Horrible place to work.

I remember an announcement came over that we had to stay late one day.

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I approached the nearest supervisor and told him I couldn't stay because I had a prior obligation I just stopped showing up. It took HR four days to call and see if I was coming back.

Many things to learn, work enviroment is very friendly pay scale is decent good coffee donuts are given ever monday flexible schedule hours It had Petra edmond ok jobs ups and downs. I was at Petra for 3 years. Petra edmond ok jobs the first 2 and a half years I loved Petra edmond ok jobs there and would say I would be there until I retired.

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Once I was moved to a new manager I was forced out. It was a terribly sad ending. Great place to work if it wasn't for some management. Over Petra Industries is a great place to work except for a few managers.

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The pay and benefits are great, along with the work hours. Just like many other places, if you are not liked, you will get the jobs no one want to do all the time. Don't unless you want to work hrs a day and have no idea when your end time is. You are a robot to them not a person. Some job duties you can make decent money. Good Company to Work For. Petra is a solid company that is growing. The Finance Department was a fun place to work. I had the privilege of working for a great Petra edmond ok jobs and Controller.

Also, the management seemed reluctant Petra edmond ok jobs make decisions that needed to Petra edmond ok jobs made, and didn't address very serious personnel problems that caused problems in a lot of teams. Executives and HR allowed management to be abusive to employees if they deemed those members of management to be irreplaceable. It drove a lot of good employees away. They also get rid of people left and right depending on the department. Claimed Profile Review Petra edmond ok jobs company.

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