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Ronan's Escape is a short film written and directed by Australia-born Bullying video short film A. The film, set in the rural wheat belt of Western Australiaprovides a candid insight into the life of Bullying video short film, a year-old boy who has been bullied at school his whole life and decides to make an escape.

This accurate and controversial portrayal [1] [2] of life for someone who has fallen victim to bullying and Bullying video short film repercussions which exist, is told in a unique, exposition intensive format with very little use of dialogue. Ronan's Escape presents arbitrary scenes rather than traditional storytelling which provokes Bullying video short film into discussion and interpretation of the scenes on a more personal level while reflecting on their own experiences.

At school during break, a bully named Ryan played by Ryan Cammiandekicks a ball at a young boy, Ronan played by David Lazarussitting alone by himself causing him to fall down, and everyone laughs at him. While restraining himself afterwards he finds a wounded bird and puts it in his bag. Later, during Bullying video short film class, the teacher played by Louie Van Praag organizes a baton race. While preparing, another bully, named Colin played by Matthew Henninghamsneakily unties the laces on Ronan's shoes so he trips just as he nears the finish line causing him to get jeered by his classmates including Sally played by Ashleigh Zinkoa girl Bullying video short film actually trusted that Ronan could win for her team, but Bullying video short film faith in him after Ryan confessed that he told her he was a loser.

On the bus ride home afterwards Ronan's bag is stolen by Justin played by James Taylerwho tosses it about with everyone else. Ronan retrieves his bag and walks back to his seat amidst teasing from everyone.

After this, he gets off the bus and walks up to a tree near his home with a tire swing on Bullying video short film, instead of going home.

Eventually he finds the bird in his bag that has now been killed due to Justin tossing it Bullying video short film on the bus. Ronan buries it and then finds a piece of Bullying video short film that says "Loser" on it, which is what everyone has been calling Ronan.

Directed by Yin Chang Cinematography...

Later on his mother played by Kristie Francis has been talking to another woman but then starts searching for her son after being made aware that Ronan was not on the bus that passed by her house. She gets worried as she looks out into the trees Bullying video short film Ronan is.

While the sun is setting it is shown that Ronan has hung himself off the tree with the rope from the tire swing. S pop star Demi Lovato 's smash hit 'Believe in Me', [7] contributed to the film forming its own presence in pop culture among teens associated with its primary theme of School Bullying.

The continued international success of Ronan's Escape has seen the film officially selected into 19 international festivals around the world and has Bullying video short film a total of 13 award nominations and 10 wins. From Wikipedia, the Bullying video short film encyclopedia.

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Ronan's Escape is a short...

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