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Is mj from shahs of sunset hookup anyone


Earlier this week, "Shahs of Sunset" star Mercedes "MJ" Javid made headlines for finally admitting to having hooked up with her gay best friend and co-star, Reza Farahan -- but now the reality star says it was all just a joke. I just really always knew him as my gay best friend, and I know it's coming back to haunt me seven years later because he started the cute, fun rumor back in Season 1.

Shahs of Sunset's MJ Javis...

On last week's Season 7 premiere, Reza said during a confessional with MJ that the two did the deed many years ago. MJ, who's always denied the claim, looked at the camera and said, "We were Is mj from shahs of sunset hookup anyone. He was coming out of the closet.

He was my first friend, I knew he was gay and I'm just not one of those girls. I probably had a boyfriend, like a Persian boyfriend that I would Is mj from shahs of sunset hookup anyone cheat on with my gay best friend. I love Reza's personality for just being really funny and cheeky.

If it's ever directed toward me, I'll never get offended because I enjoy it when he makes these jokes with all of us. But Reza tells a different story.

Is mj from shahs of sunset hookup anyone their "WWHL" appearance, he told Andy the pals actually hooked up twice and said the experience was "juicy.

Before They Were Shahs

MJ was squirming in her seat as cameras panned to her husband, Tommy Feight, who was sitting in the audience. On tonight's episode of "Shahs," Reza announces to the group that MJ asked him to be her "Man of Is mj from shahs of sunset hookup anyone at her wedding.

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But regarding GG's comment, Is mj from shahs of sunset hookup anyone said, "I love that she's offended. I'm happy to ruffle her feathers She's just throwing shade. She can't be happy, because the minute she said that, Reza announced that he's my Man of Honor at my wedding, and immediately, she was offended that she wasn't in that position. So she threw shade at it. I'm over here being happy. I'm sorry, but I'm not. I'm sorry I give zero F's if you're so salty that I'm getting Is mj from shahs of sunset hookup anyone and you're [not].

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