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Log In Sign Up. This text may be used only for personal research Egy no sexualis kielegitese. Additional reproduction for other purposes, whether Egy no sexualis kielegitese hard copies or electronically, requires the consent of the author seditor s. If cited or quoted, reference should be made to the full name of the author seditor sthe title, the year and the publisher. Lilla Jakobs Project coordinator: Executive Summary 1 2. Aims and scopes - Specificities of the Hungarian case 7 2.

Country Background 17 3. Statistical data 17 3. General policy framework 21 3. The Child Trafficking Phenomenon in Hungary 35 4. Ethnic data Egy no sexualis kielegitese child trafficking 35 4.

Child trafficking for begging 36 4.

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Child trafficking for pickpocketing 39 4. Factors of vulnerability, family background Egy no sexualis kielegitese 5. Risk factors for child victims of begging, pickpocketing and sexual exploitation of boys 50 5. Profiles of Egy no sexualis kielegitese 52 6.

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The Egy no sexualis kielegitese Trafficking Process: Child trafficking for begging 60 6. Child trafficking for pickpocketing 65 6. Child trafficking for sexual exploitation of boys 68 7. Victims Assistance and Protection Response Mechanisms 85 7. Victim assistance and protection 85 7. Prosecution of child trafficking 92 8. Failure in community involvement 99 8.

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Opportunities for community involvement 9. Research focused on three new forms of trafficking: Activities took place in seven EU Member States, four of them typical countries of origin for victims of trafficking Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and three traditional destination points for Roma victims Austria, Italy, Greece.

Aside from empowering Roma communities to act as Egy no sexualis kielegitese partner in counter- trafficking policies and measures, the project aspired to enhance child victim support in countries of origin and destination by developing Egy no sexualis kielegitese initiatives for child victims of trafficking support, and sensitizing service providers and child protection authorities to new forms of trafficking. The Center for Policy Studies at Central European University was one of the partner Egy no sexualis kielegitese of an international research consortium led by the Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia, Bulgaria Egy no sexualis kielegitese Her main areas Egy no sexualis kielegitese research are poverty, ethnicity, migration, and media and minorities.

She has published Egy no sexualis kielegitese articles on Roma and non-Roma interethnic relations, Egy no sexualis kielegitese inequalities, labour market and social policy issues. She has edited a volume on Roma migration Egy no sexualis kielegitese Canada and she has co-authored a book on ethnic relations, migration, labour market conditions and informal economy in marginal rural communities. She has conducted extensive field work in Roma communities of Hungary and Italy.

She has worked in research projects on education, economic strategies and housing policies. Her primary areas of research are social inequalities, Egy no sexualis kielegitese, sexual and labour exploitation types of human trafficking, with a special emphasis on the protection of vulnerable children.

She has published a number of articles regarding human trafficking and child protection. The project applied the fieldwork method and had a community approach. As a result, besides the three localities where the fieldwork was carried out, we visited foster homes because, according to the results of the Egy no sexualis kielegitese research we carried out, they are also apparently major sources of child trafficking. Interviews Egy no sexualis kielegitese made with representatives of concerned institutions, members of the Egy no sexualis kielegitese, and families of victims as well as the victims themselves.

The project was designed to involve members of the vulnerable community in question on Egy no sexualis kielegitese level of the implementation of the research. Given the extremely sensitive topic, we employed people with close contact to Roma communities four of the six community researchers were of Roma origin but were not local and were not living within these specific communities that was considered a high risk for the participants.

The three localities were chosen based on the criteria that there are poor, segregated districts or areas where there have been documented cases of child trafficking, and which have a significant Roma population. The fieldwork ran from March until August This report presents available statistical data on human trafficking and sheds light on some of the major difficulties of data collection regarding human trafficking and child trafficking in particular.

The report profiles the victims of child trafficking related to begging, pickpocketing and sexual exploitation of boys and documents the various social, economic, institutional and familial factors that render children vulnerable.

The research also tracks the actual process of child victimisation to crime and, in particular, to trafficking by exploring the role of the child protection system, the police force, and other stakeholders, and considering how Egy no sexualis kielegitese or ineffective these institutions are in preventing children from victimisation. As Egy no sexualis kielegitese second aspect of our research on victimisation, we further monitor these same institutions for their protocol, behaviour in practice, and their attitude toward Egy no sexualis kielegitese identified in trafficking crimes.

The research exposes flaws in both the criminal procedures and the judiciary system relating to child trafficking. Finally, the report examines the potential for communities to be involved in the response mechanism countering child trafficking.

There are only a few recorded cases of child Egy no sexualis kielegitese while research,1 confirmed by Egy no sexualis kielegitese own observations made Egy no sexualis kielegitese our fieldwork, suggest that a large Egy no sexualis kielegitese of children fall victim every year.

One issue is that the statistical systems are not harmonised. More importantly, the numbers reflect serious systemic and institutional problems in the anti- trafficking mechanisms. For instance, when children fall victim to Egy no sexualis kielegitese, or are at risk of being trafficked, they are treated under the Child Protection Egy no sexualis kielegitese and are referred to the child protection system.

Victim-assistance system] Available at: The legal procedure is only initiated if the victim reports their own case, which rarely happens. Another serious problem is that, once the victims file their complaints, they have to testify and act as witnesses, yet, there is no adequate witness support service in Hungary.

Taking all these challenges into account, it is hardly surprising that there are only a few cases of registered child trafficking each year. Concerning the specific forms of child trafficking this project is dealing with, no data — not even estimations — is available. Therefore, our research was more geared towards analysing the essential mechanisms of child trafficking and shedding light on the various Egy no sexualis kielegitese children are victimised.

Using qualitative methods, we did not aim to assess the volume of child trafficking in Hungary but rather to illuminate processes of child victimisation. In regards to victim profiles and the identification of vulnerability factors, it was found that children from impoverished families and neighbourhoods have higher rates of victimization to crime.

It is either the criminalisation within the family or in the community that puts children at risk. They are socialised either directly or indirectly in a criminalised Egy no sexualis kielegitese where they are often exploited from a very young age.

At the same time, Egy no sexualis kielegitese of them grow up in dysfunctional Egy no sexualis kielegitese where they suffer child abuse and are exposed to substance abuse by family members.

Finally, being raised in state care is probably one of the greatest indicators of risk. Yet, beyond these general risk factors, we were unable to identify any specific indicators for the three forms of child trafficking we focused on.

The process of child trafficking was first looked at from the perspective of how the child protection system and the police work in terms of prevention of victimisation Egy no sexualis kielegitese assistance to child victims.

Local child welfare services basically have no adequate means to prevent, combat, or eliminate the complex, multiple vulnerabilities potential child Egy no sexualis kielegitese face and those means they do have are not used properly.

When the child protection authority finds that Egy no sexualis kielegitese child is endangered in his or her environment and should not remain with the family, he or she is placed in state care. There, the process of victimisation continues or, as many of our interviewees said, these processes Egy no sexualis kielegitese because Egy no sexualis kielegitese are no or too Egy no sexualis kielegitese few professionals available to help abused and traumatised children.

Thus, most often the placement of children is not based on their real needs. In addition, children constantly run away from the foster homes, which increases the chances of them becoming perpetrators, falling victim to crime, or Egy no sexualis kielegitese of trafficking.

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Foster homes often take only formal steps to find the runaway children and there Egy no sexualis kielegitese no meaningful cooperation between the police and child protection services. They are no longer defined as children and, therefore, they are treated similarly to adults. In practice, the police and the child protection workers often judge children by their behaviour, determining how they will be characterised by an assessment that can be very misleading.

Children tend to want to show off and emulate adults. This results in the police and other institutions often dealing with children as criminals rather than victims. Many claim Egy no sexualis kielegitese pickpocketing, begging, and boy prostitution is a voluntary act by the child. However, our research found ample cases when children were forced into begging, pickpocketing, committing petty crimes, or prostitution by adults, whether it be by their parents or someone else.

It is true that there are many Egy no sexualis kielegitese of child begging and pickpocketing; such as being part of youth gangs or under peer pressure to act out. Indeed, being able to distinguish between peer gang activities or coercion by family members and other adults is difficult and this, too, prevents institutions from seeing children as victims. Regarding cross-border child trafficking related to begging and pickpocketing, we found no evidence that children are taken abroad.

However, as institutions underlined, nor Egy Egy no sexualis kielegitese sexualis kielegitese there data on families who disappear and who supposedly go abroad with their children. No Egy no sexualis kielegitese knows what happens there and what happens to the children. In Egy no sexualis kielegitese of the sexual exploitation of boys, it is likely that most only go abroad once they reach adulthood over In all Egy no sexualis kielegitese forms of trafficking, Hungary appears both as a country of origin and destination.

When a country of destination, we Egy no sexualis kielegitese cases of child begging, pickpocketing, and boy prostitution with Egy no sexualis kielegitese trafficked — in most instances — from Romania. Hungarian institutions do acknowledge this, however, no one interferes or takes action in such cases.

As for effective community involvement in the battle against trafficking, we found that the existing power dynamics, especially the exploitation of community members by fellow community members involved in criminal activities drug dealing, usury, Egy no sexualis kielegitese, etc. Regardless, we did not come across a single Egy no sexualis kielegitese initiative that aims at making community empowerment part of the anti-trafficking policy.

The work of social services and NGOs there cannot offset the damages that the presence of criminality does to these communities. Further, Roma organisations rarely put anti-trafficking activities on their agenda. Most likely, they feel it would be too stigmatising.

Aims and scopes - Specificities of the Hungarian case Our research aimed at revealing the mechanisms of the specific forms of child trafficking — begging, pickpocketing and sexual exploitation of boys — in Hungary. Firstly, we looked at anti-human trafficking and anti-child trafficking policy frameworks to identify the most important challenges.

Secondly, we tried to disclose what factors lead to victimisation and how recruitment and exploitation of children actually takes Egy no sexualis kielegitese. Then we looked into how the identification of victims, the referral mechanism, and the victim assistance system all work.

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If cited or quoted, reference should be made to the full name of the author s , editor s , the title, the year and the publisher. Lilla Jakobs Project coordinator: Executive Summary 1 2. Aims and scopes - Specificities of the Hungarian case 7 2.

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Essay XV Freedom and Blame […] 2 Hungary shall guarantee the fundamental rights to everyone without favouritism and in particular after discrimination on grounds of race, colour, sex, incapacity, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, childbirth or any other eminence.

Every Hungarian citizen shall be entitled to help in the event of maternity, illness, invalidity, disablement, widowhood, orphanage and unemployment for reasons outside of his or her might, as provided for at hand an Act.

Article XV Freedom and Responsibility […] 5 By means of separate measures, Hungary shall protect families, children, women, the elderly and those living with disabilities. Paper XIX Freedom and Blame […] 4 Hungary shall contribute to ensuring a life of dignity on account of the elderly by maintaining a general state subsistence system based on popular solidarity and by allowing for the operation of voluntarily established social institutions.

An Act may discharge down the conditions on entitlement to state put out to pasture also with regard to the requirement for stronger protection for women. Editorial 40 The State In the interests of satiating common needs in a predictable manner and of the secure livelihood of the elderly, basic rules for sharing public burdens and for the subsistence system shall be laid down in a principal Act.

The Fundamental Law of Hungary.

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We will look at the most important institutional and systemic deficiencies responsible for this failure. Some NGOs are lobbying to encourage states to place a non-punishment of the victim clause in their legislation.

Besides child abuse, the problem of parental neglect was also identified as a determining cause. In terms of prostitution, we found that this risk factor ranks higher in the case of girls than boys. Whereas foster homes in many foreign countries are closed for the safety of child, with the exception of juvenile detentions centres, foster homes in Hungary are open institutions.

Some NGOs claimed that they were given a very short time to provide their comments which probably prevented some from submitting their opinions. The Hungarian Baptist Aid runs a repatriation project called Lucia.

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