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Emotional affair with a married man


By David Wygant for YourTango. In my 15 years of coaching, women have come to me over and over again with the same problem: Falling for a Emotional affair with a married man man.

The story always begins the same way: We connect in every way and he makes my heart flutter like a schoolgirl. I know, I know. But Emotional affair with a married man only gone on a couple of innocent dates From the beginning, he tells you what a great friend you are — and how Emotional affair with a married man it is to finally meet someone he can talk to.

You eat it up, thinking to yourself, "Yes, talking. That's all we're doing Emotional affair with a married man suddenly things change. Before you know it, he makes his move.

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He springs it upon you ever so slyly, making you feel special; making you feel unique. He'll say things Emotional affair with a married man, "Wow, my wife just doesn't listen to me like you do. And it's really nice to be with a woman that does.

Research suggests that nearly half...

He'll tell you this over a glass of Tempranillo as he looks longingly into your Emotional affair with a married man, sweetly brushing a stray hair from your face.

It's kryptonite for the nurturing woman. And it Emotional affair with a married man of sounds like a date. A date with a married man. Sure, on the surface, he looks like the all-American dad. On the surface, he looks like a great husband. He tells everybody that it's okay his marriage isn't passionate. He's grown so much as an individual he thinks he doesn't need wild, fulfilling Emotional affair with a married man anymore.

He'd rather have somebody that's a great mother than someone with great passion because "passion dies. And it's sad because he's trying to convince himself he's in a relationship he wants.

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But really, he's unhappy. He's lonely, Emotional affair with a married man he sees you as an opportunity for escape. You deserve more than that; you're better than an escape route. So, how do you spot this guy right from the beginning?

Well, he's usually the man who immediately wants to be your "friend. They're only friends with women they're attracted to. That's how it starts. It all begins with a mental or emotional affair. He'll frame your interaction as harmless business. But let me tell you something: He's going to flirt with you innocently. He's going to send you little texts to tell you he read an article or Emotional affair with a married man something that Emotional affair with a married man him of you, and it's all going to seem so "friendshipy" — almost like you met a good female friend.

But in reality, he's planting the seed for your future affair. He'll even tell his wife about the great friendship the two of you have.

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He'll bring it out in the open because he doesn't want to believe he's actually going to cheat. I've met many of these guys. They talk such a good game, but they're living a compromised existence. They wanted something from life but never truly believed that they could have everything.

Now they find themselves "stuck" in an unfulfilling life, settling for less than what they know is possible. Never fall for their flattery.


They're Emotional affair with a married man going to leave their wives. They're looking for an affair, whether it is mental, emotional, physical or all three.

Ask yourself what it is you want, and why you desire Emotional affair with a married man you can't have. Maybe there is a tiny bit of loneliness and lack of fulfillment within you, and that's what is attracting men in similar situations. Look at the people who are coming into your life as signposts for what is going on inside of you. If you find yourself excited by the overly friendly man in the wedding ring, consider whether you have some internal issues to work out.

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