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Best 80s teen movies


The s were an incredible time for teen movies. That's because it was the decade where Hollywood studios figured out that teenagers had a lot of disposable income that they were willing to spend on Best 80s teen Best 80s teen movies forms of entertainment.

It helped that most malls -- the social hubs of the era -- had cinemas, making it convenient for kids to plunk their money down at the box office.

Certainly, there were some unimaginative duds tossed into theaters in an effort to capitalize on all of this, but there were some Best 80s teen movies classics, too. What follows is a ranking of the best teen pictures of the era. We know Best 80s teen movies will be controversial. How did we narrow this list down? For starters, we looked at enduring appeal.

Top 80's Teen Movies. Meanwhile,...

The films that follow are still relevant and enjoyable today. What their stories had to say and how they said it was also a major factor. Since young people Best 80s teen movies often influenced Best 80s teen movies entertainment, it only made sense to consider the messages these works delivered. Some of the entries are pretty obvious, while others are "buried treasures" that deserve to be rediscovered.

We've got genre films mixed in with high school tales. So put on your leg warmers, crank up your Duran Duran CDs, and prepare to go Best 80s teen movies in time. The Lost Boys is a perfect representation of how Hollywood tried to appeal to Best 80s teen movies in the s. The story concerns two brothers who move to a new town, only to discover that the local cool kids are really Best 80s teen movies pack of vampires.

The movie feels like a horror movie made in MTV music video style. While it may seem a little dated now for that very reason, the picture still Best 80s teen movies as a prime example of how slick entertainment was packaged for teen audiences during the era. And the entertainment value remains. Any horror flick Best 80s teen movies a guy is forced to hallucinate that a takeout container of rice is actually full of maggots can never completely lose its punch.

Hey, it was the '80s. People played suicidal ideation for laughs back then. In an effort to win her back, he challenges the boyfriend to a ski race, despite not knowing how to ski. Politically incorrect subject matter aside, Better Off Dead is notable for its comically skewed world.

Lane is repeatedly dogged by a paperboy demanding the two dollars he is owed. He keeps encountering a pair of Japanese drag racers, one of whom speaks in the voice of Best 80s teen movies sportscaster Howard Cosell. Holland's follow-up, One Crazy Summerbecame a cult favorite, too. To accomplish this, he decides to pay the most popular girl in school, Cindy Mancini Amanda Petersona thousand bucks to pretend to be his girlfriend for a month.

Ronald does indeed become suddenly popular, but he also creates a bunch of new problems for himself. Especially in high school years, being popular is often about wearing the "right" clothes or having the "right" friends, as opposed to being a fundamentally likable person. It's the message about the importance of being true to yourself and not giving in to other people's standards that gives it long-lasting impact, though.

Adolescence is a time of great drama. Even the little things can feel earth-shaking when you're a teen. In John Hughes' debut film Sixteen CandlesSamantha Baker played by Molly Ringwald, in her breakout role suffers an existential crisis when her entire family forgets that it's her 16th birthday. In fact, the only person who totally pays attention to her is the lovestruck school geek, "Farmer Ted" Anthony Michael Hall.

But the guy she really wants to notice her is Jake Ryan Michael Schofflingthe classmate she's big-time smitten with. If we're being honest, parts of Sixteen Candles don't play so well today.

If you've ever had an unrequited crush on someone, or if you've ever felt invisible to your family and peers, Sixteen Candles understands your pain. The movie also helped turn the great Molly Ringwald into America's reigning cinematic teen queen.

In this subversive comedy, Winona Ryder Best 80s teen movies Best 80s teen movies, one member of her high school's clique of popular girls the others are all named Heather. She grows tired of their snobby, elitist ways and the manner in which they treat the less Best 80s teen movies kids. She decides to leave the group and, together with Best 80s teen movies 80s teen movies class bad boy Christian Slaterget some vengeance for all the kids the Heathers have mistreated.

Things end up becoming quite deadly. This is one of those movies where you laugh hysterically, then feel guilty for laughing, then laugh some more. It is, however, a marvelous example of satire. Kids can be cruel to each other, killing with words and actions, if not with literal weapons. The fact that Clifford arrives for his first day Best 80s teen movies a limousine belonging to the hotel his father manages doesn't endear him to his classmates.

Best 80s teen movies days, it's not uncommon for teen movies to address bullying in some way, but back then, it was a much less frequently explored topic.

Making My Bodyguard especially poignant is the way it explores the friendship that develops between Clifford and Ricky, the latter of whom is more sensitive than Best 80s teen movies gives him credit for. The two form a bond that changes both of their lives. This is a smart, funny exploration of teenagers learning to overcome their problems, stand up to their tormentors, and find self-confidence in life.

Matt Dillon plays Rusty James, a young street thug romancing a high school girl Diane Lanetaking care of an alcohol father Dennis Hopperand coming to terms with the fact that Best 80s teen movies may never live up to the reputation of his much-feared tough-guy Best 80s teen movies brother, Motorcycle Boy Mickey Rourke. It's shot in black-and-white, with the only splashes of color provided by the titular fish Rusty Best 80s teen movies likes to observe at a pet store.

The acting and dialogue are heightened in a very theatrical way. The musical score, by the Police drummer Stewart Copeland, is intensely percussive, serving in many ways like a clock that reminds Rusty James that his time in this world may be limited if he keeps brawling. All of this -- Best 80s teen movies Nicolas Cage in an early role -- adds up to a stylish, hypnotic tale about a wayward youth Best 80s teen movies to rethink Best 80s teen movies delinquent ways.

Molly Ringwald plays Andie, a girl from an economically disadvantaged home. Her best friend is Duckie Jon Cryera geek who not-so-secretly adores her.

Andie is asked to the prom by her crush, rich kid Blane Andrew McCarthybut his snooty best friend James Spader convinces him to Best 80s teen movies the invitation because she isn't good enough for their clique. The burgeoning romance between well-to-do Blane and working-class Best 80s teen movies puts both of their friendships to the test.

In some ways, that ending is better, though, because it sends the message that no one should be judged by how much money their family has. Incidentally, Hughes and Deutsch got to make their original point with Some Kind of Wonderfula gender-flipped version of the same story in which the blue-collar hero decides the popular girl isn't really his kind of thing after all.

See, there Best 80s teen movies to be a thing called an "Afterschool Special. They were also pretty heavy-handed and occasionally cheesy. Permanent Best 80s teen movies the surface, sounds like an Afterschool Special, but thankfully, it handles some very difficult subject Best 80s teen movies in a smart and profoundly meaningful way. He feels guilty for having failed to Best 80s teen movies the signs that his Best 80s teen movies was so desperately unhappy.

Permanent Recordwhich veteran critic Roger Ebert dubbed one of 's best films, deals honestly with the issue of teen Best 80s teen movies and the impact it has on those closest to the deceased.

It avoids the trap of being maudlin by tackling the issue in an emotionally honest manner. Best 80s teen movies not as well-known as other titles on this list, the movie is an absolute must-see. Nobody expected much from The Karate Kid when it came out in Its biggest star was Pat Morita, best known for playing restaurant owner Arnold on the sitcom Happy Days.

He was not exactly a major box office draw. Once audiences got a look at the movie, though, phenomenal word-of-mouth began to spread.

It went on to Best 80s teen movies not only one of that year's biggest hits, but also an all-time teen classic. The plot is pure formula, but the Best 80s teen movies is magnificent. Morita and Macchio develop Best 80s teen movies chemistry, and the training scenes are as funny as they are convincing. Miyagi teaches proper hand movement by having Daniel wax his car.

William Zabka, meanwhile, plays such Best 80s teen movies thoroughly detestable bully that when Daniel delivers the winning Best 80s teen movies to his face during their climactic karate match, it's a literal stand-up-and-cheer Best 80s teen movies. He plays Joel, a Chicago teen excited to have the house to himself when his parents go away on a trip.

After raiding the liquor cabinet and dancing around the living room in his underwear, Joel hires a call girl named Lana Rebecca DeMornay. Through his ordeal, Joel learns that there Best 80s teen movies people in the world with the kinds of problems he'll never have to face, thanks to his affluent upbringing. He also develops a healthy dose of cynicism that, the story implies, will benefit him later in Best 80s teen movies. A young reporter named Cameron Crowe went undercover in an American high school as research for a book that later became the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

You know what Best 80s teen movies talking about. The story follows a group of high school students as they navigate homework, jobs at the mall, dating, drug use, Best 80s teen movies more. Most of them were broad comedies about horny dudes doing everything they could to see naked girls or, even better, Best 80s teen movies laid.

Fast Times was notable because it showed teenagers having sex and sometimes feeling ambivalent about it. Leigh's character, for instance, experiences an unplanned pregnancy and opts to have an abortion. By taking these and other sorts of teen problems seriously, Amy Best 80s teen movies film immediately set itself apart. Even now, thirty-five years after its release, Fast Times remains a landmark Best 80s teen movies picture, showing how valuable true-to-life stories about adolescents can be.

Speaking of Cameron Crowe, he made his directorial debut with the acclaimed teen romance Say Anything Actually, it's not just one of the best Best 80s teen movies romantic-comedies of the s, it's one of the best romantic-comedies of that decade, period. John Cusack plays Lloyd Dobler, a slacker whose only real interests are kickboxing and Diane Court Ione Skyethe class valedictorian. After getting an unlikely chance to date her, Lloyd finds that her father John Mahoney doesn't approve Best 80s teen movies his ambitious daughter dating a guy who seems so aimless.

80s Teen Flicks

Court is definitely an obstacle in the relationship, but when it turns out that he's done something illegal, Diane Best 80s teen movies that Lloyd may be the only guy she can truly count on. Lloyd tries to win back Diane after a breakup by standing outside her house, blasting Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes" from Best 80s teen movies boombox hoisted above his head. More than that, though, the story addresses themes related to sacrifice and self-confidence. Best 80s teen movies may not Best 80s teen movies what Best 80s teen movies wants to do with his life, but he knows that Diane has her stuff all figured out, so he's strong enough to support her in following her dreams.

Most of the great '80s teen movies deal with serious issues, as this list has already shown.

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