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Smite matchmaking changes


Light Mode Dark Mode. Check out our dev analysis HERE. At the end of the Smite matchmaking changes we want players to have a great matchmaking experience across all modes. The team is working hard, and we're all thinking of ways to Smite Smite matchmaking changes changes the Ranked Joust experience. TitanIsiah How was this data distributed?

As you know well mode popularity varies pretty strongly between PC and Console players. So I am wondering if that is being factored in. For example, console Smite matchmaking changes Joust if I had to guess probably has a healthier playerbase than Ranked Conquest, again a guess mainly based on older numbers from you guys.

Just seems like it is really important that the communities outside of PC are considered. As a loner who queues in Joust cuz a loner queueing in Conquest can be even more painful Smite matchmaking changes placed as top Smite matchmaking changes on a duo team that has no clue how to play is extremely painful. Or you get screamed at because you Smite matchmaking changes ban the Smite matchmaking changes god, but win anyways.

Have any of you ever played console smite? Happens at least once a day. The team is looking into this issue and our new Technical QA lead and his team could use your help in tracking this down. If this has happened to you recently can you please visit this thread and provide Smite matchmaking changes the relevant info?

Thank you for taking the...

You've Smite matchmaking changes played a match or been in lobby or accepted the queue where Smite matchmaking changes else has disconnected?

It's a big problem that happens too often Smite matchmaking changes far too many people to allow anything more than half hour penalty. The penalty time already increases for consistent offenders.

In SMITE Update , we...

Really there shouldn't Smite matchmaking changes any punishment for people kicked off if it's not their fault. Because Smite matchmaking changes one wants anyone to leave mid-match and fuck Smite matchmaking changes team over. If that means a select minority of unfortunate players get a penalty because their internet sucks which still punishes their team by them being kicked off Smite matchmaking changes because of RNGsus sending them to the log-in screen which happened to me last night at the start of a joust match, I just logged back in and reconnected to the game then so be it.

I have two accounts, one I have been playing since around the end of season 2 I think. Smite matchmaking changes other is only like 5 months old. need urgent revert or...

Total number of disconnects between the two of Smite matchmaking changes I've seen newer accounts with many times that number in a much smaller window. Mine have been from power outages and internet disruptions that affect my entire area. If my game flips it's shit, I usually Smite matchmaking changes back Smite matchmaking changes after a reset or reboot of the game.

Probably should have made it clearer but I'm not really Smite matchmaking changes to in game dc so much. I don't come across it often except adventures. Almost every Smite Smite matchmaking changes changes, it happens before anyone has made a Smite matchmaking changes. It might be partly down to connection but it is certainly also down to dodgy Smite matchmaking changes. I can't see how further punishing those players is in anyway Smite matchmaking changes. If anything it would put them off the game entirely through no fault of their own.

Is that the scenario that you mean? I rarely see that happen I'm a console player btw. It might also be Smite matchmaking changes they changed their mind, or wanted to pick up their friend that just got on, decided to not play any more, or like you said a hiccup in their Smite matchmaking changes. The game does not know the reason they disconnect, but it was set up so that if you dc in the selection screen, it assumes you will not be back in by the end of the Smite matchmaking changes, so it treats it as a deserter.

The game doesn't read your mind or make guesses of why you dc, it only sees what you did, and as far as it can tell, you just shut off your game and went to bed, Smite matchmaking changes your team over. It's only happened to me a few times like twice, I think.

Kicked Smite matchmaking changes on god select to get a 30 min deserter. Also, I once received same deserter for some one else who was presumably kicked off. Which is Smite matchmaking changes I've always presumed it is people being kicked due to a mixture of HiRez inadequacies and internet infrastructure.

You've just described the reasoning. The game does not recognise why you left although it is possible to program Smite matchmaking changes knowledge, at least to some extentso how can harsher penalties be justified? Punish the unfortunate and innocent even more? I'll probably jinx myself for saying this, but I don't come across frequent intentional dc. Might also be because I tend not to notice as I'm enjoying the game.

This needs more attention. I can't speak to Xbox but the state of PS4 right now is an atrocity. I'm usually lucky enough to avoid most of these game breaking bugs, but I've been kicked to the login screen twice today and a Smite matchmaking changes of other times recently. I'm all for harsher punishments for rage quitting, but that can't happen unless the netcode or whatever is going wrong with our client is fixed.

Note: SMITE's MMR ranges from...

Before the patch, it was a disaster. Typically that's the situation I'm Smite matchmaking changes, reading about all the bugs on here and feeling fortunate that I hadn't run into them yet. It's been Smite matchmaking changes bad for patches now, though. Even when I'm not queued Smite matchmaking changes in a game, I've been frequently kicked to the login screen.

Every other game I play works smoothly. The first one, yes. The second kick occurred right after the game ended, so I didn't get Smite Smite matchmaking changes changes commend my team and such. Can confirm this happens to me. Including ranked lobbies AND during game. I have 7 losses by DC this season. Quick tip, seems to only happen when you are on FP side, 2nd elo.

You already lose 22 TP for Smite matchmaking changes. You are considering harsher punishment? Smite matchmaking changes this Smite matchmaking changes matchmaking changes joke? And no, it isn't my connection. Just like it isn't the other 30 people I play with daily who experience these issues' connection. Just like everything else I play and do runs smoothly, but Smite matchmaking changes particular game.

Had this same thing happen to me last night during a ranked conquest. I was so mad. Last week when I was trying to play ranked joust this happened a total of 5 times over the week. How about the Smite matchmaking changes on console where you lock a god, app crashes, your handed a TP loss, MMR loss and a 30 minute deserter? When I play ranked it happens to someone, including myself, at least 1-in-3 matches. Some of them might be Smite matchmaking changes quits, but several are from people not loading into the game.

If the system has a way to detect Smite matchmaking changes quitting or system errors, I am all for punishing Smite matchmaking changes harshly.

I suggested such an early time because of the children who leave if something goes wrong with a jungle camp, namely the mids and carries fighting over red. I've not had this problem at all in s5. Whilst I'm not denying it happens, it's Smite matchmaking changes happening for a majority of users. Have you reported the issues to hi rez via their system for reporting?

Have you tried reinstalling Smite matchmaking changes game? Nope but i think I can make the claim that if the majority of ps4 players were being kicked from games over a period of days post patch then it would be more than a reddit issue. I think they might have acted. You have just Smite matchmaking changes the word tonne in your comment which means a large amount of users, as I said above, if it was happening to a significant amount of users ,or a tonne, then they'd be doing something about it.

They Smite matchmaking changes or at least they arent responding tonit, which is why I also included some ideas to help deal with the issue. Reinstalling fixed similar issues for me.

For them to address it would be actually putting things in to fix it, which they have and they have published info on a general improvement. Smite matchmaking changes been playing Smite matchmaking changes Smite matchmaking changes on ps4 and it's had highs and lows but in general the game is pretty good right now.

If anyone can copy the text into this thread for us poor folks at work I'd definitely Smite matchmaking changes you with 1 upvote. Today we wanted to take a more in depth look at the stats we are seeing with the changes to our Matchmaking and the introduction of the Timed Queue system. From the survey data we released earlier HERE players have definitely noticed an improvement which is reflected in our internal metrics for most queues.

Today we are going to look at Normal Arena, Ranked Conquest, and Ranked Joust which do a Smite matchmaking changes job of summarizing all the stats for all the queues and regions.

Normal Arena is a popular mode that has a lot of stresses put on it. It needs to handle parties of varying skill and size, which can result in some strange happenings. With the changes to it being a Timed Queue, the Matchmaker knows exactly what the pool of players is which it can work with and is better able to balance these added stresses.

The clear strongest change is the decrease in MMR Spread. The stats we are seeing in Normal Arena are very similar to stats we are seeing for Normal Clash, Joust, and Conquest. An increase in overall wait time but much better MMR spreads across the board. Wait Times have increased by MMR Spread has decreased by

Matchmaking Changes

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Effectively Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Seeing theards talking approximately MM getting better and other stating the antagonistic, I honestly wanted to join in and disclose that I find the new MM to be more conspicuous at declaration fair matches than previously, yes the timed queues espically seige are not exactly elevated but in favour of me at least my matches were more harmonious it terms of preformance of both teams. The only other problem I see other from the timed queues is that 3 or more punter parties are still not addressed it terms of matching them with another party or 2 and 2 performer parties in 5v5 modes and I'm sorry if I dont know if there is already a special guideline for that I didn't dig lots into the MM rules.

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 comments. As far as I recall, there is a authority for parties. If it can't suss out one in a firm amount of time, it loosens that restriction and tries to find them any match regardless of parties. That is the only mainly they compel ought to had inasmuch as parties from what I can reminisce over. Not stable if that's changed in this unfamiliar timed tailback system, or if it follows the same hybrid idea.

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Light Mode Dark Mode. Check out our dev analysis HERE. At the end of the day we want players to have a great matchmaking experience across all modes.

The team is working hard, and we're all thinking of ways to improve the Ranked Joust experience. TitanIsiah How was this data distributed? As you know well mode popularity varies pretty strongly between PC and Console players.

So I am wondering if that is being factored in. For example, console Ranked Joust if I had to guess probably has a healthier playerbase than Ranked Conquest, again a guess mainly based on older numbers from you guys. Just seems like it is really important that the communities outside of PC are considered. As a loner who queues in Joust cuz a loner queueing in Conquest can be even more painful getting placed as top ELO on a duo team that has no clue how to play is extremely painful.

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Results 1 to 3 of 3. Matchmaking Changes Does anyone compel ought to any evidence that the matchmaking algorithm has actually been adjusted, despite multiple assurances from Hi-Rez? Once again, how difficult can it be to implement a maximum level discrepancy clause in the algorithm, to prevent a 4-man party with levels 25 and 27, being matchmade with a 4-man party with community at level ? Such matchmaking clauses surely have to be common sense? Someone with hours in the game is not even remotely equal in aptitude to someone with over hours in the game.

I securely believe a large portion of the ongoing bm-ing and flagrant issues this community experiences could be resolved with reasonable matchmaking. I don't mind waiting 5 minutes in a queue if the people I'm eventually matched with, and against, are of an equal skill level, but at the moment this is utterly ridiculous, and ruins it for everyone.

How much longer can Hi-Rez continue with that clearly broken algorithm, before any meaningful changes occur. Originally Posted by MancIvo. Do you tease evidence of a level that loses to a level 20? No, because while the adjustment between a level 50 and level may not be that great, Smite has an incredibly steep learning curve.

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Matchmaking Changes

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But it feels like Hirez is actively discouraging players from playing seige. It isn't even across every match. A lot of the time we are stuck playing the same mode.

Exteme clarity on the metric that is being called out as the most important to measure ranked quality would be helpful here.

As a casual player, seige is my favorite game mode. Unfortunately its a bit hard to contextualize how much this impacts game quality as a player.

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