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Real life cougar stories


Ahh, cougars; the one type of woman every guy wants Real life cougar stories be able to brag about sleeping with, and yet most will never get the chance to even bring one home. Banging a cougar is like finding a unicorn, having sex with it, and then tripping into a pot of gold immediately after…and dying.

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Because sometimes a cougar will come back to bite you in the ass, which is exactly what happened Real life cougar stories Redditor WgtnToAkl:. So its just a normal night out with the lads, drinks were had, shit was spoken. We took turns shouting rounds and as it was my turn Real life cougar stories step up, a woman comes out of know Real life cougar stories and starts chatting to me. We started talking, she had ended up alone and then just decided to get a drink whilst she waited for her sisters.

I spun my usual shit of being a professional athlete who was transferred Real life cougar stories the city, with money to burn and huge house. So anyway, we continued talking, and out of no where she asks if I am paying for taxi, or is she.

She then told me about...

I knew it was game-on. Suddenly I was 6 year-old me waking up on Real life cougar stories day to find not only had Santa bought me the PlayStation 1 I asked for, but he chucked in Real life cougar stories Team Racing whilst he was at it.

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All my dreams had spiralled to this one point. I was going to sleep with a cougar. So we get back to her hotel room and long-story short, dreams CAME true lol.

Cougar hookup stories - Rich...

I ended up staying till early in the morning when I get a text from Real life cougar stories mother saying to get home by lunch-time as the family is going to a BBQ.

Standard from mum, I have obligations as part of the family show Real life cougar stories to these events.

Cougar confession stories and sins

So I get home and try get ready for this BBQ still hung over and tired from the previous nights exploits. We head out to Real life cougar stories BBQ. Now my mum is one of the mums who when she is with her friends telling stories about her sons, Real life cougar stories does so in the most embarrassing way possible.

Nothing like getting your balls busted by a complete stranger AND your mom for several hours straight. What other way would you wanna spend your afternoon anyway?

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